Austin Daniel

Investor Specialist & Realtor

Austin Daniel is a Realtor and the Investor Specialist for EBG Properties, a multipronged asset to the Pittsburgh market. With his 15 years of experience in the industry, Austin brings a next level knowledge and care to his clients.  Working with you to find your perfect home, he will educate and learn from you to create the best partnership possible.

Austin earned his RE license in May of 2005 and joined Howard Hanna in Moon Township where he worked on a 2 person residential sales team for over 9 years.  Austin was essential to the top producing team, contributing to an average of over $8 million in sales production per year and winning multiple awards. After moving to Pittsburgh and working as a leasing and sales agent, Austin joined EBG Properties in February 2018.

In his work with EBG Properties, Austin’s goal is to educate those who are looking to buy, sell or rent and help find them the best deal or home possible.  When working with investors, Austin will bring forward many investment options and work hand-in-hand with his investors to find the best opportunities for profit. For those who are selling or buying a home, Austin works tirelessly to find a new home or buyer that fits within his clients personal or financial goals, helping to negotiate a fair price, repair needs or whatever else is needed to bring both parties happily to that closing table. Austin currently leases about 100 rentals a year and brings the same energy and pride to his work with renters as he does with buyers.

Outside of his direct work in real estate, Austin contributes to the production and posting in a Pittsburgh Development thread on an architecture forum.  He will post information and photos about all major or noteworthy constructing and development happening in Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas.  Through these discussions, Austin gains insight he may not have traditionally had access to and brings it to his work. He will inform investors on certain neighborhoods and the trend it may be following, helping to pinpoint undervalued areas for investment opportunities.

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