Norge Borio

Sales Manager & Realtor

Norge Borio is a realtor & the Sales Manager for EBG Properties. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or experienced investor, Norge is able to tailor to your personal needs and provide you with expert advice throughout the buying or selling process so that you can feel as comfortable as possible when making decisions.

With his history in the plumbing and construction industry, Norge comes with his own collection of connections to plumbers, contractors, lenders and many other partners for clients who may need repairs or renovations while buying or selling a home. Norge uses his experience to make sure his clients get the highest quality work possible within the set budget.

His goal is to simplify the buying/selling process as much as he can and will go to great lengths to make sure his clients are satisfied and well informed. Norge takes pride in his involvement with his clients, both seller and buyer, with his blue-collar family as inspiration for his work ethic. If there is a way to give both parties a satisfying and fair deal, Norge will do it. Norge is known for going above and beyond and always remaining available and in contact with those he works with. This is how Norge remains transparent and accountable for his work. He will take on multiple tasks, walking first time clients through the process or showing veteran sellers and buyers innovative and new techniques while handling the workload for you.

Before joining EBG Properties, Norge worked for Berkshire Hathaway and has been a licensed agent since August 2018.

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